Wednesday, September 28, 2011

These trying three's

We had some eventful times in Pearl's two's, but nothing was really "terrible."  Most stem from her speech delay and the communication gap we have.  However, when she turned three a few weeks ago it seems we entered a whole new phase of life.

An extremely challenging one full of temper tantrums, meltdowns, sassiness/back-talk, defiant behavior, fighting naptimes, fighting bedtimes....there are still wonderful moments of sweetness and joy and exuberant behavior, but they became quickly outnumbered.

I began to feel like I was yelling all the time.  Pretty much I was/am.  She has become so focused on what she is doing that it is hard to break into her head to get to her to think before she acts.  My voice escalates to get her attention: "Pearl please don't touch that...I asked you not to touch that...PUT it down...DID YOU HEAR ME?!

I don't think she hears me.  She is super engrossed in her activity.  I despise having to raise my voice.  Doing so puts me all out of sorts and it carries over into everything I think and do throughout the day.

After some weeks of this and much prayer, confession, pleading with God for help in my mothering during this time, I came across Elizabeth's article today.

Thank you, God.

“Strive, my daughter, to maintain your heart at peace by being even-tempered. I don’t say maintain your heart at peace, but I say strive to do so. This should be your main concern. And beware of occasions for troubling yourself, because you cannot moderate so suddenly, the ups and downs of your feelings.”

Some words for the journey we're on :)

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