Thursday, October 6, 2011

Feast of the Guardian Angels: Princess's birth story

A special feast day for us now since Princess arrived safe and sound as the dawn was breaking Sunday morning, the Feast of the Guardian Angels.  A (generally) fast labor of about 10 hours compared to Pearl's 25. 

We went to the hospital Saturday afternoon for a non-stress test that our Dr. had asked us to do since I was 41 weeks and was only dilated a 1 on Thursday.  So we got there and Princess was doing just great with the fetal monitoring: heartrate and movements.  Dr. on call checked me and said I was still a 1 and I was reprieved to go home till our Primary Dr. decided what he wanted to do (ie: give me more time).

So we got home by 6:30 and made dinner.  An excellent fuel up for labor now that I think about it: flank steak, mashed potatoes, and asparagus.  Yum!  By 8, I was noticing contractions were getting stronger.  Not just the pressure and lighter contractions I had been feeling for some time.  At 9, I asked DH to call my doula to come over.  We started timing contractions, got Pearl down for bed, said special prayers with her and made sure my mom had a plan since she was in charge of Pearl whenever it was time.

By midnight I decided we needed to go back to the hospital.  Contractions were now closer to 5 minutes apart and the intensity was picking up.  I was still resting in between them but needing to stay and rock with them when they started.  DH and doula weren't sure we needed to go just yet because I was talking fine in between contractions, pretty peaceful and focused.  But I said YES, we needed to go.

So into the truck and on our way.  It is an hour drive to our hospital...and that was a tough ride dealing with the contractions.  Being strapped in and not able to move with  But we got there and parked by the ER, only entrance late at night (about 1AM at this time).  We walked in and the guy at the desk asked if I was there for an "abduction..."  Seriously, he asked me this.  I started to giggle it was so odd to hear.  I said "No, I need to get to the third floor to Labor and Delivery."  He asked again if I was scheduled for an induction.  At that point I was in another contraction and leaned against the wall and just totally ignored him.  So my doula turns to him and says, "she is having her baby and we are going upstairs."

He grabs a wheelchair and gets me upstairs while DH and doula get thru security.  Up in triage they get my info and get me settled while they call for the Dr. on call.  DH comes in to wait with me and help during contractions.  I told him that if I wasn't in active labor I was going to ask them to break my water since I couldn't sleep with these intense ones and I wasn't going home...I was there to have a baby.  Being a week overdue, I was not going home.

Same Dr as earlier in the day was still on call, so he comes in and says its good to see me again so soon.  So he checks and says, "Well you are now 6-7. Congrats, you get to stay."  Hurray!

Got into our room by 2:30 and our Dr. made it by 3:30. We decided to go ahead and break my water.  However, after he did nothing really came out.  So we were on alert at that point.  (When I delievered, some water came after Princess, but basically it was all gone being a week overdue) By 4:30 I knew I was entering into transition.  I needed DH to help support me during contractions.  The nurse came in and heard me sounding and decided to check me.  Still at an 8.  She said I wasn't quite there yet and left.  Two contractions later I had the urge to push and asked to go to the bathroom.

DH helps me in and sees that I'm pushing and sees the baby crowning.  Wow!  So he tells the Doula who runs out to the nurses station to get our nurse.  She runs in and sees what's happening and tells me to get up and get over to the bed.  DH helps me there and I got in an all 4's position.  Nurse was a little stunned and asked me to turn over.  I'm pretty sure I just said, No M'am.  She calls for the Dr. and I'm told that I'm complete and Dr. is just fine with my position and helps with my pushing.  He gave great support, DH was awesome supporting my left side (IV side) and Doula was in my face reminding me to breathe.

Princess arrived shortly thereafter with the dawn on the Lord's Day.  Both our girls are born on Sundays:)  We had a quick hospital stay and are now home resting and settling in.

Praise God!  Guardian Angels, Pray for Us!


domenicoandsonia said...

Praise God! She's precious! What a wonderful birth story, and feast day to be born on....we should get our kiddos together in the future to celebrate both the feast day of the Archangels and the Guardian angels. ;-)Congratulations to you all!

antonia said...

aw! beautiful story!

God bless

Jeni said...

:) so happy for you guys!