Sunday, December 2, 2012

Nature Hikes

We've been enjoying our local area quite a bit and exploring several parks.  Our church playgroup has done a few nature hikes which has been a lot of fun to see the "changing of the seasons."  As much as you can see in Florida:)

This past week we had a playdate at a nearby state forest.  There are several trailheads along the road; one for walking, one for bicycling, and one for horseback riding.  At the equestrian trail, there is a forestry office and a small walk down to a boat launch site.

The rangers said there were a small exhibit and welcomed our group to come visit.  We were a small group but had the best time!!  We had 4 rangers available to us who answered the kids' questions about animals in the local area, what to do if you come across a predator--various kinds, and showed us several examples of animals in the area in the form of taxidermied specimens, bones, skulls, and pictures. 

We loved hiking down to the river's edge and the kids found some nuts we couldn't identify and some fur on the ground.  We brought our findings back up to the office to see if the rangers could help and they were indeed quite helpful.  They also had made goody bags for the kids with lots of fun stuff to take home.

Pearl loves the Smokey Bear comic strip they included!

I think we'll be making a trip back in the Spring:)

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