Sunday, March 24, 2013

The garden

We took a break from the garden over the cool spells of our Florida winter, but have just planted for the Spring.  Florida really has three growing seasons and we hope to utilize that someday, but for now we decided to use our current beds and will probably add more in the Fall.

We are learning as we go and it's great fun!

Once we do expand it, I want to include two small beds for each of the girls, so they can plant whatever they want.   Wouldn't that be fun?!

So here's what's happening in the garden:

This bed has sunflowers (cutting variety) planted along the back trellis. Marigolds surround two Roma tomatoes and two Big Boys. Zucchini in the close right corner. Basil in the close left corner and cilantro in there as well.

This is a new bed for us.  We decided to use the top layer of block from the other two beds to make a third bed exclusively devoted to white onions.  I think it cost $3 for all the onion sprouts and we couldn't plant them all.  So if we grow 5 we will have re-couped:)

The first bed into the garden has mammoth sunflowers planted along the back part of the trellis and pole green beans planted along the front of the trellis.  Back plant is jalapeno.  There are two green bell peppers and two red bell peppers.  Along the front space here, Pearl planted nasturtium seeds.  Have you ever tried these?  Lovely bright color and they are edible.  Sort of peppery, but I've seen them on fancy gourmet salads and expensive in the store.  They supposedly help keep bugs away from the bells. Same for the marigolds near the tomatoes.  We'll see...

If you need me, I'll be weeding:)

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