Thursday, July 5, 2007

Morpheus 2

I went to the Dr. today to get my foot looked at. He wants to "keep on eye" on it for a bit; gave me a script for a topical steroid (x10 of Cortaid), and mentioned that it might be a type of larvae.


Ok, so seriously, I have had one of these before (3 years ago. It hurt and itched like the Dickens, but eventually faded away. As far as larvae...he said most people get it when they go the beach. Yeah, definitely haven't been.

I'm thinking he has no idea and that's why he wants to wait on it.

I asked if the steroid was safe to use and got the go ahead. (Asked if it would pose a problem since we are hoping for a babe). The good thing about the Doc is that he is pro-life and teaches the Creighton Method. He checked my charts and said that my cycles look good. I was a bit concerned with one part, but he said they look fine. That is a bit of a relief.

So I have another "Morpheus" (raised welt that changes shape), but feel good about him checking the chart.

That's life.

Addendum: At the request of my friend, Faith, we have decided to call this one Maximus

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