Thursday, December 6, 2007

St. Nicholas

Happy Feast Day!

Who is Saint Nicholas?

St. Nicholas of Myra

St. Nicholas imprisoned

I was trying to find a site that backs up my husby's favorite story about Bishop Nicholas of Myra, but so far, no dice. According to legend, St. Nicholas suffered much persecution even so much as losing one of his arms during torture. St. Nicholas was seen as a rough and tumble kind of guy. He lived it up at the Council of Nicea where again legend points to his indignation at Arius' heretical claims in which he stood up in the council and walked over to Arius and punched him in the face.

My husband studies patristics, so I'm sure he has some sort of source. I'll ask him later today to back up this story. A nice little edge to the image we have Bishop Nicholas of Myra.

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