Thursday, January 3, 2008


I've had "all day sickness" throughout the pregnancy thus far, and this last week it intensified further.

I was just feeling nauseous all day and able to eat certain things, just taking it one day at a time.

This past weekend, it has started to be the nausea all day, but really feeling like everything is at the back of my throat, just waiting to creep forward. (Sorry if that was a bit much) So I've really been having to concentrate on keeping this at bay. Especially in my working environment, where only two co-workers know about the baby. We're planning on telling them next Friday at our staff meeting, so then they can all find out together. Also, as my clothes are becoming increasingly uncomfortable, I wanted to give them a little transition time before I start showing up in maternity clothes:)

Anyways, back to the nausea. This week has been pretty difficult in the evenings in particular. I've had a hard time with most foods, and it constantly feels like acid in my mouth. So I've become friends with Tums and milk! Anything basic to calm down the acid.

God is good! With the increased difficulty with daily functions, my DH has really stepped up to help me with out with my ordinary housekeeping chores that I like to do, ie: keeping the kitchen kept up, bathrooms cleaned, and living areas tidied frequently. So God in His goodness is providing the graces needed for me to allow my DH to truly be my helpmate when I am having to slow down a bit and just let the nausea ride itself out. It is quite humbling for me as I very much like to be in control and help provide a clean and welcoming home for us and our guests.

There are lessons in patience, offering up suffering, and accepting others generous offers of help, that I am learning each day.

My sister made a comment the other day watching me dealing with the sickies saying how she didn't want to have children. I told her that this was all worth it. This is me saying, "This is my body, given up for you..." For this babe, for his/her soul, for our marriage, for getting to heaven. This is most definitely worth it!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to pregnancy! It's tough you feel sick in the evening as well though..mine eased off in the afternoons..& i had none with the boys..

Esther said...

I hope and pray the nausea and discomfort go away. But you must be oh so pleased with the baby!!!!! :-)

Leticia said...

Happy birthday, I see the Lord has already blessed you with your gift!

Mary Vitamin (Helen) said...

Have you seen Marilyn Shannon's booklet on Managing Morning Sickness? (CCL)
She sugggests a high protein diet.
I'm still sick at 38 weeks but some say the high protein helps them to feel better.