Monday, February 11, 2008

Finally Scanned

This past Friday one of my co-workers scanned in our ultrasound pictures, so I decided to upload a few for your viewing pleasure and my continued amazement.

The first picture of the babe--upside down.

2) Babe was faced inward, so this was the babe's back with hands up by the head...which is exactly how my DH sleeps.

3) This is a profile shot, in which the technician zoomed in the heartbeat.

4) I wrote about the babe being very active...this shot confirmed that. The babe is doing a backbend! You can see the spine and ribs twisted backward. Crazy!

5) The babe is rolling over and the technician turned this one into a 3-D/4-D (not sure what it's technically called)

6) This is our favorite because you see the babe with his/her hands up to the mouth. Sucking thumbs? or mini-pope with praying hands and a zucchetta?


Esther said...

So beautiful...what a miracle!! How are you doing? Hope you don't have too many discomforts.

antonia said...

aww! How adorable!