Thursday, February 7, 2008

Some differences between the sexes

"Mom," said Charlie coming into the kitchen as I cleaned up from dinner, "do you want to play Store?"

I was speechless. Do I want to play Store? I had not heard those words since my sister posed that question to me -- 20-some-odd years ago.

"I'd love to," I smiled.

"Good," said Charlie, suddenly speaking with a Texas accent. "I'm a gonna need horse carcass, antelope carcass, and some dung."

"Right," I said, thinking this was not how I remember playing Store. I handed him a chunk of leftover muffin.

"You serve it all rolled up together like this," he drawled. "I like it!"

And suddenly, the creativity and fun made me remember why turning off the television is a good idea no matter what the season.

H/T Testerhome

Classic...I love it!

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