Friday, February 29, 2008

Poking Around

One of my recent goals was to branch out a bit more in blogosphere and check out some blogs that I normally don't have the time for. My first task: Catholic Mothers Online.

I'm starting at the bottom and working my way up the list. There are some sweet ladies that I've come across so far and I'm only in the S's! Take a looksy.


Anonymous said...

I must do the same!

Leigh said...

Hi...and welcome! We're a diverse bunch to be sure. You just have to find your own niche. Some of the Catholic mom sites are very pious, devoted to prayer, apologetics, etc. Honestly, a few are a bit too preachy and sanctimonious for my liking--but that's just me. (Hey, whatever works right!) Others are more whimsical, humorous, etc. It just depends on your mood and your tastes! My blog tends to focus on family and some social commentary as it relates to faith. I also have a blog devoted solely to politics--which I just started.

Good luck on your blogroll journey!