Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Ok, so I'm officially FED UP with our local paper!!

After dealing with customer service several times over a two month period, I stopped our subscription due to their changing the rate they had given me. I really don't like it when everybody agrees on a rate and am charged that rate, but when it comes time to renew the business charges you a higher rate and does not notify of you of the change. This was why I didn't want to do the ez-pay to begin with, but was assured that all would be well with our subscription. Phooey!

So I cancelled it. Yes, I sure did. I decided that I could get coupons other ways if I needed to and that it wasn't worth tossing out the other days without even reading them. (We check the news via internet and TV as needed)

The past few days, I have been receiving calls before 8:30. I know it's a telemarketer because they don't leave a message and it's a number I don't have listed. So this morning I answered it...shortly, I might add. Sure enough it was the paper offering me to re-start my subscription for the original price I paid!! At this point, I'm upset.

I'm upset that you continue to call harass me everyday by calling early and often throughout the day.

I'm upset that you charged me a higher price without notification.

I'm upset that now you're offering me the original price I paid for a subscription when I was told that rates had increased and nobody was paying that price.

I feel confident in my decision to cease subscription and move on with our otherwise busy lives.


(ok, I'm done now. Just attribute this outburst to pregnancy hormones. Carry on.)

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Lucy said...

My problem with the paper is that they call and tell me they are going to send me more days for free as a trial. I don't want them because it just causes more paper to be brought into our already paper cluttered lives and it wastes paper. We just signed up one day at the grocery store and paid for a year in full and that's it. Who knows what will happen once that year it up.