Sunday, January 4, 2009

Year in Review

As I celebrate my birthday with family and friends, it causes me to take a look back at this past year and reflect.

January: Newly pregnant, in the throes of all day morning sickness, but cherishing every minute of it.

February: Our first ultrasound, which we were blessed to be taken at a Catholic Women's clinic. So amazing to see the little one in the womb.

March: Sharing Easter with friends. We have a tradition of inviting our friends from the Campus Ministry here over for Easter dinner. They are far from their families and it is a treat for us all to get together to celebrate!

April: Baby Shower held by family friends in my hometown. So nice to some friends I don't see very often.

May: Our first vacation since our honeymoon; we visited the low country for a week, and it was beautiful. We were blessed to have a church so close for daily Mass.

June: Three day retreat with the Sisters of Life. (Meeting of friends--the babes are a month apart)

July: In anticipation of little one's arrival, but still making time for a night out:) At a wedding three weeks before go-time.

August: Pearl arrives on her due date and a another part of our vocation journey begins.

September: It is amazing how how much Pearl can look like her papa (but I know she got her stubbornness from me:)

October: Holy Sacrament of Baptism! What a glorious day, the Feast of St. Francis, to enter into our Faith. St. Francis, pray for this child.

(we needed sunglasses, the grace was so blinding)

November: Visiting with college buddies I hadn't seen in three years. What a joy to my heart.

December: Entering into Advent traditions, visiting families, celebrating the birth of our Lord--holding an infant, beholding THE infant. Wow!

And now, we begin a new year. There are so many exciting things in my thoughts and prayers at this turning.

-DH will graduate with his Masters in May (Hurray!)
-New ministry opportunity (Lord, let your work be accomplished)
-Our Catholic Faith Study (that my mind might understand more of your glory and mystery)
-Diocesan Council (to serve our Bishop)
-New ways to grow in my vocation as Bride and Mother: "This is my body given up for you."

Favorite Book of the Past Year: Handmaid of the Lord by Adrienne von Speyr. A must read!

Favorite Movies I watched this past year:
-Meet the Robinsons
-Believe in Me
-Amazing Grace
-Evan Almighty
-The Ultimate Gift

My 2009 "Revolutions":
-Maintain our home better via the FlyLady
-Adding more exercise into my daily rhythm
-Praying Morning Prayer with Pearl (while she plays or nurses)

Other Goals:
-get more involved with our Mom's group at church
-read the books I received for Christmas (mostly about homeschooling--Charlotte Mason)
-learn how to make homemade pie crust:)

One of my favorite things about my birthday:
It sometimes falls on Epiphany!!


antonia said...

aw! i enjoyed reading that! thanks for sharing!!

Kimberly said...

Happy Birthday, my dear!! Many more years of such happiness...thanks for sharing the 2008 recap~