Friday, February 6, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Yesterday was a crazy busy kind of day. DH is in school this weekend and trying to catch up on schoolwork,so I was on call to help with ministry obligations. Pearl is teething something fierce and yesterday was rough.

2. Her teething has been going on for over two months...and no teeth yet. This is seriously frustrating.

3. She rotates between very happy and smiley to very unhappy and cranky. There is no in between.

4. I'm not getting enough sleep, so that has become the number one priority. Everything else can wait...seriously.

5. It was in the 20's last night. That's crazy for Florida. But I love it! I really do want to move where there are seasons. There is such a rhythm that I love.

6. I looked through photo albums recently and saw myself in my college years. Good times thinking back, but I was really checking out my clothes...wondering if I still have that stuff.

7. We are in a menu-planning dilemma. DH has been having tummy issues with ulcers and reflux and I'm now on no-dairy. I've determined that was causing Pearl's rashes. So now what do I cook? I can't use tomato products for him and I can't use cheese for's like saying, "and no more happiness!"

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Lucy said...

I don't have many suggestions on the no cheese and tomato front as we use cheese in everything. I'm sorry you have to go without for a while. I made some yummy white-bean chicken chili the other night that you could make dairy and tomato free. I used about 1/2 milk, but you could leave that out I'm sure or use some other kind of milk. And we sprinkled with cheese, but you could do without that as well I'm sure. Let me know if you want my made up recipe (or you can google). I just kind of combined mine from a bunch that I read based on what we had.

Hope those teeth come in soon. Greta has two now, and each time for about a week before it is non-stop whining, and I mean non-stop. She pretty much wants me to hold her the entire day for a whole week and then the tooth shows up.