Thursday, March 5, 2009

7 Quick Takes

1. Thank you for your prayers; my presentation went quite well. I was able to finish getting it all together and I really enjoyed sharing what I gathered with the other ladies in my group. Pearl had fun playing with the other littles until it was lunch time, but I was about wrapped up when she fussed.

2. Pearl is on the move! She figured out crawling yesterday and is on the go. Baby-proofing will commence NOW!

3. One of my friends is a fledging clothing designer and she took two pairs of my old jeans and made them into a skirt for me. It's my new favorite!

4. I've been reading A Catholic Homeschool Treasury by Rachel Mackson and Maureen Wittmann. Excellent resource! I've got a bunch more books added to my Amazon wishlist now.

5. Another friend and I are going to meet up this weekend with our babes and take in the local Farmer's Market and a Children's Consignment Festival. Should be a good time and hopefully we have good weather.

6. Just three more class weekends to go until DH finishes his Masters!!

7. I really like grocery shopping on Thursday mornings. There are very few customers; I can speed through and get all my list pretty fast, and the customer service is great!

1 comment:

antonia said...

aw! she is crawling! how super!

i've been thinking about homeschooling too. thanks for the book link