Wednesday, March 18, 2009

For me and my house...

...teething STINKS!


Pearl has been teething since December. Do we have any teeth yet? No. Instead, we continue to have a baby who swims in her own drool, rubs her gums constantly, and goes through periods of utter inconsolability. We have nap strikes and sleepless nights; re-ocurring diaper rashes due to the drool, and a pile of chew toys that would make you think we have several small puppies.

Don't let all the smiley pictures of the little one mislead you, we have a hurting baby...

...and a set of really exhausted parents.

Dear Jesus, a little sleep never hurt anyone.

I'm just saying.



antonia said...

oh gosh that sounds tough.
It is a real cross when you're exhausted but the baby just wont sleep.

will say a prayer
God Bless

Kim said...


Lucy said...

have you tried a mesh feeder? i don't know if you are feeding maggie any solid food yet, but if you are, you can give her some frozen peaches or pears or bananas, or whatever food you have tried in a mesh feeder. you can also use ice. greta usually loves the ice when her teeth hurt. i usually only give it to her once a day because i don't want her to get too much water, but she doesn't really swallow much of it anyways.

also when teeth are really bad we give her a little tylenol before bed to help her sleep maybe a little better. we aren't big on giving her medicine, but when we have tried everything else we give her a little before bed.

good luck. hoping those teeth show up soon. can you see them under the gums yet?