Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Cleaning

My attempts at more Spring Cleaning have been foiled delayed again.

This morning, the hubs said he would watch Pearl while I attacked the Master Bathroom.


-scrub shower
-wipe down walls and baseboards
-scrub toilet
-wipe down counters and mirror
-launder rugs and mop floor
-go through cabinets and chuck unused or old items

I was able to do the shower, toliet and was in the middle of the bottom cabinet when he brought Pearl in who was hungry and fussing for a nap.

Mind you, she took a late nap yesterday, got over stimulated when friends came to dinner and wouldn't settle till after 12 last night. Then she's up at 8 ready to go only to crash shortly thereafter.

I decided that I really don't like throwing off a rhythm for her. So we aren't going anywhere today (except maybe for Confession). And next week I'm limiting our plans as well. She needs to get more settled; I need to get more settled and the Spring Cleaning needs to get moving again.

Easter is right around the corner!!

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E: said...

I feel you, N!
Hang in there!