Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Easter Menu Plans

In between helping DH prepare for a school weekend, caring for Pearl and comtinuing my spring cleaning, I am working at getting my Easter Menu all planned out.

We are having our third annual Easter luncheon, in which we celebrate with a few friends. I'm still waiting to hear back from a few folks, but we're very excited!

So far for our menu I have planned a few of our favorites: spinach/artichoke dip with pumpernickel bread for dipping, deviled eggs, special rolls with "lamb butter", and a cookie cake homemade by a dear friend...actually I just took a look at my menu from last year, and it's almost the same:)

Fancy that.

Oh well, some of our favorite foods to celebrate. I think instead of a London Broil like last year, we are going to do a ham. Last year, I was expecting Pearl and anything pig turned my tummy. So this year, we'll do the ham.

I already picked up our Easter candies which I have ready to put out. Pearl's god father and a fellow seminarian will be joining us, so I made sure to pick up peeps, their favorites.

I'm working at finding my recipes to have at hand and then I can make my grocery list for next week. So far the planning is going great

If I could only get the motivation to finish my spring cleaning...

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