Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Today has been one of my "Job" days.

A day that just starts off bad and you know it's going to keep heading in that direction.

I blew up the coffee maker, burned my bagel and almost set the toaster oven on fire, couldn't get the baby to nap or soothe her due to teething, and had promised to help with a meal for our Campus Ministry.

I'm feeling more than a little frazzled and on edge.

In the midst of the baby crying, pasta pot boiling over, and a monster headache, DH comes over (he is in the middle of a conference call) and says, "well, you know God loves you."

All I could think of was St. Teresa of Avila's words, "Lord, if this is how you love your friends, no wonder you have so few..."


Kim said...

*hugs* This, too, shall pass.

antonia said...

aw! sorry to hear of your stress!

Poor maggie, she's really been suffering with the teething hasnt she?

God Bless