Thursday, August 13, 2009

Check Up

Pearl had her 12 mos. check up today. She's in the 75th percentile for height and 50th percentile for weight. Those cheeks fool you; I thought she'd be pushing the weight limit, but she's slimming down since she started walking/running.

Her iron count is back in normal range which is a relief to us. Only concern right now is her itchy skin. We've switched wash and lotion to a milder brand and now are doing an elimination diet. Hopefully, it's an easy culprit.

Pearl is starting to try and say more words. She tried "book" yesterday; got out "booooo." I know once she starts talking it will be non stop, but I really long for her to say Mama. She's got Dada down great, but just goes "mmmmmmm" for me.

Signing is going well. She knows more, all done, milk, and points to things she wants. After the other day, clearly it's time for me to teach her the potty signs.

She went through all her signs very insistently and I knew she was trying to communicate something and was getting frustrated. Sure enough, after a smell test I knew it was loaded dipe. It's awesome that she is trying to tell us stuff, now I need to catch up with her:)

We had a great family visit over her birthday, and we look forward to our next get together at Thanksgiving, but hopefully sooner.

Things are gearing up for a new school term starting at the College, so our ministry obligations will be picking up too. We're looking forward to the students returning and new ones entering. It's exciting to see what is happening and how the Spirit is working in their lives. God is Good!


Mac McLernon said...

"She's got Dada down great, but just goes "mmmmmmm" for me"

Heheheheh... does that mean she thinks you are a yummy mummy?

Warren&Cherise said...

She is so smart like mom and dad!!