Saturday, August 8, 2009


Poor little blog! I have not abandoned you, much as you may think so. We have been super busy this week with family coming into town and arriving shortly (yikes!). Pearl has been extra high-need this week and I'm still recovering from a sinus cold.

I have lots of post ideas that I want to type up and put out there. Lots of pictures are forthcoming from Pearl's birthday celebrations and family visits. I'm also in the middle of frosting her birthday cake. The pans are cooling in preparation:)

On the menu for today's family fun time:

Stuffed Hamburgers (my father-in-law's creation; delicious!)
Corn and Tomato Salad
Fruit Salad
Baked Home Fries, sweet and regular
Sweet Iced Tea
Birthday Cake with ice cream.


While this week has been challenging with various events and tasks, I am basking in silence for the moment.

*cue the crickets, or loud AC*

Pearl is taking a nap, DH is taking a nap, in-laws haven't arrived yet, I completed the diaper laundry, took a shower (a long one!), DH picked up a few last minute things from the store, made the salads, baked 2 1/2 cakes (mini one for Pearl), straightened the house....


I might just put my feet up and read a few pages from my book before my two loves awake and family arrives:)


Kim said...

Whew! Go take a much deserved break! :D

Warren&Cherise said...

Have an amazing and blessed time with family. I pray for the Holy Spirit to bring you all much JOY!!!