Monday, August 3, 2009


As the title suggests, we were this past week.

Flu like symptoms hit DH; I was under an allergy bombardment, and we discovered that Pearl is allergic to cats.

Put the physical ailments with the spiritual warfare that was going on and it made for a pretty rough week.

There were some good spots, but they seemed few and far between with everything else.

Le sigh.

So now we're home and trying to heal. This week provides opportunity to gear up for more summertime visiting. As DH's mother and sister are both teachers, they are limited with their vacation time.

This weekend we will welcome both DH's parents and sister to celebrate Pearl's first birthday. Hurray!


Warren&Cherise said...

Feel better, my friends! Also, happy pre-birthday to sweet lil Maggie! Have a really fun filled celebration!!!

antonia said...

oh dear, sorry to hear how ill you guys have been. get well soon!

I can NOT believe it has already been a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!