Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Running" Errands

Actually it's more like a brisk walk.

While we are anxious to move into a real house with a garage, the condominium community we live in has some perks. Besides the pool, exercise room and other assorted playing surfaces, we are within walking distance to a grocery store, dry cleaners and two pharmacies.

This morning, Pearl and I headed out in our jogging stroller with DH's suit tucked into the bottom. First Stop: Walgreens.

Walgreens is offering some photo specials this week. A different special each day. Check out MoneySavingMom for the details. Yesterday they offered 25 prints for 25 cents. Yup, a penny a picture! Plus 2 cents tax. So for 27 cents I got 25 prints. Awesome! I placed my order yesterday afternoon and picked them up first thing this morning.

After Walgreens, we walked up the street to the cleaners to drop off DH's suit to be cleaned. The only clothes we own that has to be dry cleaned is his suit and it's only twice a year. So off to the cleaners it went.

Next stop: CVS.

Took the long route to CVS to get some more uphill incline action. Got there and had to ask around for the Johnson and Johnson .99 first aid kits. Apparently they got cleaned out yesterday but another shipment is coming later this week. So they wrote me a rain check and we headed home. I'm super excited to get two kits and use a coupon, so I'll be making a dollar on this deal. They are the perfect size for the glove box of the car!

Now we're home and doing diaper laundry, getting some mid-morning nursing time in and hopefully a nap for Pearl and a shower for me. These Florida August mornings are rough!


antonia said...

lol! sounds like a great morning!!


Catholic Mom of 10 said...

Please update to my new blog?