Monday, September 7, 2009

Who needs humilty?

Apparently DH and I do.

We attended Mass with the Campus Ministry yesterday evening and Pearl was doing good till the Gospel. Then she got very loud and squirmy, so I took her out the back door into the hallway. As soon as we got out there she started pointing to the bench and the vacuum. Clearly thinking this was playtime and wanted to walk around.

But it's not playtime when you get removed from Mass. You have to be held by either mom or dad in the back.

DH came to relieve me so I could go back in for the Eucharistic prayer. Pearl decided to throw the biggest tantrum I have ever heard.

And probably all of those college students have ever heard, since you could HEAR HER ALL THROUGHOUT THE SPACE.

I was mortified but as we were kneeling I couldn't get up and go back out. So she continues crying all throughout the Eucharistic Prayer, I can feel the sweat line dripping down my back, and I'm praying that an angel will tell DH to move farther out in the hallway away from the back door.

As soon as the Our Father concluded, I took my bag and headed to them. Just took Pearl and went to the car; she fussed in the car; she fussed at home. It has been ridiculous the last few days when she doesn't get what she wants.

So from now on Pearl and I won't be attending that Mass, DH will go alone since he helps with a ministry there.

I'll also be reading this article by Melanie Bettinelli over at The Wine Dark Sea

Thank you Lord for mortifications. sigh Thank you.


Melanie B said...

Oh I'm so sorry. It is hard when you have to leave Mass. I've definitely walked that walk before. Praying for you.

Lucy said...

Oh, the joys of tantrums. I really thought they were supposed to be bad at 2, not 1, but we have some pretty intense tantrums here as well. The only that has helped is to make sure she is always full, which means eating every 1.5-2 hours (and I thought the days of that were over), which means thinking of something to give her for each meal!

good luck! I'm right there with you. We definitely go to mass at a very strategic time, so as to have the most pleasant experience.