Thursday, October 22, 2009

Double Trouble

This afternoon we were able to watch a friend's 4 mos. old while she went to visit a friend in the hospital. (Please, if you could, say a prayer for Charmin who just suffered a mini-stroke and is having a recurrent bout with breast cancer. Thank you!)

Pearl was super excited to play with the little guy and she did very well....for awhile. We had some tummy time and then went for a walk. Little man in the sling and Pearl walking beside me. Had to come in though when Pearl started to try and eat acorns and little man was yawning ready for a nap.

So got them in and both changed; LM started to get really fussy and was fighting the oncoming nap. Pearl started to freak out and get terribly possessive that I was holding LM and rocking him to sleep. Finally get him asleep and put down and go to hold Pearl so she can have her nursies. She was upset that LM was close to them. So she's upset that I'm holding LM, but when he falls asleep and I can hold her, she gets mad that he isn't around. So goes to the bedroom door and starts banging on it since she knows he's in there.

Le sigh.

So play with her while I get dinner started and then LM wakes back up and is MAD! Teething with his first tooth. Found a teether for him and then Pearl starts her teething routine. (she's getting canines)

Two teething babies are no fun. Whew!

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