Friday, October 23, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Amazingly stayed within the menu plan for the week. I'm hoping to get next week's set up so I can make a grocery run. I have ___ dollars left of the monthly grocery budget to use for next week. It has definitely been challenging with five full weeks in October. November is looking real good about now.

2. Tomorrow is Octoberfest! We are getting together with some of DH's longtime friends to celebrate the Fall season with tributes to germanic cooking. This is our second annual festival; last year's was a blast! This year's menu will include: Beef Stew, German Potato Salad, Pretzels, Brats with Buns, Apple Cider, Beer, Apple Pie, Apple Streudel, and Pumpkin Pie Cookies.

3. I am in the midst of "Fall Purging." DH reclaimed some items last night and after discussion I was in agreement they should stay:) However, I am finishing up the kitchen and move on to the closets next. So far, this is a good year. Not much to get rid of. I think family members are starting to listen to me more when I say I don't want STUFF!

4. Within the topic of purging, I have decided that I don't want black in my wardrobe. I think I am going to make espresso brown and navy my "base" colors. I hate having one or two things that are black and having to have the shoes to go yeah, this way I can cut down on shoes too. It's nice to go through and really look at what I know is most flattering on, what is pretty to me, and just generally makes me happy. Why have clothes that don't?

5. Just got done with my house chores. Whew! But I think I figured out why my floors have been sticky after mopping. I was off on my ratio of cleaner to water. Ah Ha!

6. Oh! I had a wonderful surprise yesterday. My bestest friend, Sr. Giovanna Mariae, with the Sisters of Life, called!! Totally a surprise since we don't have the opportunity to talk much (That whole New York-Florida thing and you know, she's in a convent:) . Such a treat. She will be coming to the FOCUS Conference in December and had some questions. It was nice to answer those and then just chat.

7. I've almost got my Christmas gifts finished! I need to redeem some points for gift cards and then I'm about done with the gifts. Next up, pick up our Christmas pictures and get the letters printed out to mail to family and friends!

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Kim said...

You go, Mrs. Productive!! :D