Sunday, October 4, 2009

In which I felt trapped

Yesterday, our family went to a local parish for Confession. It's not our home parish, but the time worked better and I like that this church has the option of confessing behind the screen. They also have lots of statues and stained glass and other religious art. Which is great to point out stuff to Pearl as we are waiting in line.


So there was one priest in the closed confessional and another in his office where you would confess face to face with him.

God Bless this Priest, but I have to say he wasn't my "top pick." He always goes really fast and I'm never sure if he actually heard what I confessed. Granted that might be a good thing, but still...

So we are waiting in line and I really wanted to hold out for Father in the Box. Well the line went so fast for Father in the Office that there was a lull in movement after they finished. There was one another lady in line with me at that point and she indicated that she wanted Father in the Box too.

Well wouldn't you know that Father in the Office came out to let us know he was in there. So of course now I feel like I have to go in since I was front in line and he knows I'm there.


So I went to him, but I must say that even though he still went fast, he actually made pertinent comments so I know he was listening this time! Huzzah!

Praise God for His Grace and Mercy!

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antonia said...

There is a similar thing at a Parish near us too; everyone always waits for Father in the Box, even though Father in the Office (or rather, Father on a stool in this case!) is free!
It gets quite awkward as, like you, one sometimes feel obliged to go to Father in the Office...because noone else will!