Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Breaking Old Habits

Day 5

Through much prayer and discernment (and some tears), we decided we had to do something about Pearl's lack of sleep habits. At 13 months she was still only sleeping in 2 hour chunks the first part of the night and then would only settle if she was being continually nursed the second part.


DH and I realized that we set Pearl up for this as we didn't work on her sleep habits earlier to nip this in the bud. I wouldn't mind the night nursing (love nursing!), but she now does nursing gymnastics and is difficult to keep still while nursing.

So we decided to change up our routines on Friday night so we would have the weekend to lay low if we were super sleep deprived.

First three nights she was up a lot still, but last night only twice. Hurray! Hopefully this pattern continues. She is waking up a happier little girl now that she is getting more sleep. That is what I love the best!! She has always been pretty friendly, energetic, and smiley. But even more so now.

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