Friday, February 12, 2010

7 Quick Takes

1. Our floors are in serious need of vacuuming and mopping. I wanted to do it yesterday, but reminded myself that it would be better to wait until right before my in-laws arrive. So we'll be doing that today.

2. Pearl's favorite new book from the library is "5 little monkeys jumping on the bed." She's been getting better and better at sitting still for reading books.

3. I wish she'd get better at sleeping.

4. I added a few more blogs into my dashboard to follow. It's been helpful to have it pop up when there are new posts, instead of me having to keep checking. Saving me time. Although I haven't been able to check recently. Yesterday was a busy day with errands, getting ready for in-laws visit.

5. Oh! Speaking of errands. We ran to the health food store and got Organic apples, rice milk, and GF animal crackers. All on sale and staples at our house. I thought my total was pretty high but left anyways since Pearl was pretty cranky. Well at the light, I glanced at my receipt in hand and realized they charged me for an item that I didn't purchase. So back we went, cranky baby and all, and had them reimburse me the difference. Glad I saw that!

6. I've been reading budgeting books like it's my job (well it kinda is, among many other tasks). Definitely trying to save as much as we can and pare down expenses. Examine our weak areas in spending. We want to build up as much as possible for purchasing a house.

7. I am getting behind on my letter writing to my friends in Religious Life. I try to write a letter a week and rotate, but I send out lots at Christmas Time and only one since then. It's time to get moving on that again!

Have a Great Weekend!

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antonia said...

what's rice milk?