Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday's Quick Takes

1. Pearl had a three-day fever this week. I'm still chalking it up to teething those top molars/canine duo. We had a rough few days (nights!) with the crankies and lack of sleep. Thankfully the fever broke this morning as I was close to calling the doc.

2. We're still watching her for signs that this could be something else, but since we don't think so we're still on board to attend a Catholic conference tomorrow here in town.

3. I'm looking forward to the month of March since I'm doing a budgeting change that will be implemented then. Not re-locating any funds or switching anything around, just how I keep track of things.

4. Our Lenten Cleaning plan is pretty much intact and ready to go...for Monday:)

5. We have been all about the Olympics!! DH got a thingy from his boss that allows him to record the Olympics on his computer and then we can watch them later and skip through the commercials. We love to watch sports as a family, but the commercials can be super offensive at times.

6. On tap for today is watching Olympic Hockey Semi-Finals. Go USA! Go Canada! Definitely want to see that Gold Medal game.

7. We're still in the middle of house hunting. It's exciting and scary and wonderful. We've been in the Condo. for awhile now and we've definitely made do in the small space, but we're so ready to be in a house. We met with our financial advisor yesterday and are pretty much right where she wants us. So next up is to find THE HOUSE and get pre-approved from the bank. Hurray!

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Kim said...

Oooh, good luck with house hunting! I can only imagine what that's like. :X

Elise had a 3-day fever last year, which ended up being roseola. Once the fever broke, she had a rash on her body (not itchy or annoying or anything like that) and it went away on its own. I hope Pearl just had a teething fever, though!

(Canines AND molars - impressive!! You deserve a gold medal ... or a lot of sleep!)