Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday's Quick Takes

1. I am so not doing well on the 40 day challenge. I've only filled two bags completely and have three other bags in process. I know that when we do move I'll come up with so much more (most likely from DH's computer closet), but in reality I think I keep us really pared down. I should keep a count when we move of bags to go!

2. We have several houses lined up to see this weekend. House Hunting is stressful; money is stressful; this whole process is stressful. So I'm just praying that the Lord leads us to where he wants us to be and that all falls into place. I know He will confirm His will.

3. I made a wreath of paper flowers for Pearl's cardboard box playhouse...she wasn't impressed.

4. Promptly tore it off the door. But she was a big fan of the tape I used! This girl is all about stickers and tape.

5. We're looking for airline tickets to attend a family reunion this summer. I read somewhere that it's either Tuesday or Wednesday just after Midnight when the prices are re-set and you can find some deals. Anybody else heard that or have tips about finding reasonable flights?

6. I found out that military family overseas can use expired coupons at their commisaries. I always feel so bad when coupons expire or I have ones that I don't use at all. So I'm creating a pile to mail soon to the group organizing the transfer.

7. I really need to finish kitchen projects today since it's almost time to move into the Master Bedroom and Bath for Lenten Cleaning. I need to:

-organize some pantry shelves
-wipe pantry floor
-straighten and clean ledge into Dining Room

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