Thursday, March 4, 2010

Re-Introducing Dairy

When Pearl was about 10 mos. she was eating solids such as fruits, veggies and chicken. We decided to let her try cheese and cheerios. She then developed eczema.

The Dr. prescribed a steroid cream and an oral steroid to keep her skin clear. I did not feel comfortable with her taking steroids everyday, so explored some other options. Many other moms whose children have eczema said that they found their conditions to be more manageable and even disappear when they eliminated certain foods from their diets. The two biggest culprits were wheat and dairy.

So Pearl has been wheat, dairy and egg free since 10 mos. (Eggs we found later) At her 18 mos. check-up the Dr. suggested we try and re-introduce dairy slowly by starting with yogurt, then cheese, and lastly milk.

The past two weeks she's had yogurt and no skin outbreaks. This week, we started cheese and so far so good. She really enjoys these foods too!

I think late next week we'll try some milk, but we're still staying away from wheat and eggs for awhile.

It's odd to me that it's not all gluten, since she does fine with oatmeal and barley.

I told DH that I was glad that she's doing well with dairy since it can be another source of protein for her because some days she doesn't like meat at all.

DH's response: "Yes! We can have real butter again!"

(We've only had margarine in the house:)

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