Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kitchen Progress

This week we're in the Kitchen for our Lenten Cleaning Plan. Yesterday during Pearl's nap, I was able to clean:

-top of fridge
-outside of fridge
-inside of fridge (shelves and re-organized)
-microwave, inside and out
-wiped down cupboards
-wiped down baseboards
-put in Oven Cleaner to set overnight

I'm hoping that today's naptime, or after dinner if I need DH's muscles, will lend itself to finishing the kitchen.

1) Scrub out oven
2) Wipe down remaining countertops
3) Move heavy bins in corner and clean under
4) Quick tidy of Pantry (did major overhaul last week)
5) Straighten and clean underneath wire racks in corner
6) Wipe down and straighten laundry corner
7) Vacuum and mop kitchen floor

Since we're in a condo., everything is a little "snug." Our stackable washer/dryer set are in a closet right in the corner of the kitchen. It's actually quite efficient for the space, but sometimes a little odd to switch a load and then stir a pot three feet away.

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