Friday, April 16, 2010

A blah kind of Friday

Occasionally I get hit with the blahs. Where nothing tends to lift my spirits and I feel like I'm dragging all day.

I coped with eating Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffins, making a nice cup of tea and using my lovely spring tea set.

I coped by building peg towers with Pearl and letting her knock them over.

I coped by making Pearl spaghetti (her favorite) and watching her relish every single bite.

I coped by heading down to the Adoration chapel and taking a few precious minutes with a rambunctious toddler to kneel down and thank Jesus for the blahs. (Thank you Lord for the sweet ladies who smiled when Pearl blew kisses to Jesus in the monstrance and didn't frown when she made SO much noise in the pew.)

I coped by jumping on the bed and letting my little one as well.

And when I nursed my baby before bed and prayed the Hail Mary with her and sang her to sleep, there were no blahs only Love.

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katholicchik said...

There is nothing like a trip to adoration for a case of the blahs. I get those often enough.

And I love the blowing kisses to Jesus so much. I have been getting Josie to as well. Which is especially appropriate I think bc she thinks blowing kisses and thank you mean the same thing bc the thank you sign is like a blown kiss. cute cute cute.