Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday's Quick Takes

1. We have been preparing for retreat this week. DH will be helping behind the scenes for a Silent retreat for Men. I'm on today to make dinner for the group putting it on before the retreatants arrive.

2. Pearl is starting to throw tantrums about 3 times a day. Just getting really frustrated when she doesn't get her way. This is a challenging phase.

3. I received a present of money for Mother's Day from my in-laws and told to just spend it on me. Everything I thought of that I wanted to do was for others, but then I remembered that I needed to replace my blush and eye shadow. Both are from when we were married almost 4 years ago.

4. I have been working on summer plans this week. I am trying to get our route set for a family reunion trip. We'd like to break our trip both there and back to see some friends. Still trying to fine tune things, but looking good.

5. We are entering into birthday season! We have 3 bdays in May, 1 June, 2 July, 1 August and 1 Sept. There's just myself, my brother and his wife on the other side of the year in January and February. I've got the May birthdays all the cards out ready to go. Ironically enough, my three closest friends are also all May birthdays. Weird,

6. I've been feeling really unsettled this week. I think the floors are starting to get to me...

7. And I'm drinking a cup of coffee every morning. I had given it up and then had it "just one day" it's a habit again. I hope that if we are blessed with another babe (Please, Lord!) that the smell of coffee will make me sick and I won't want it at all. Now that's a way to kick a habit:)

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katholicchik said...

Looking forward for those terrible 2s myself :) Josie is starting early I think.

And I think the blush I have is older haha! I always try to do sales for makeup but I never do remember that and my makeup collection is so pathetic and old. The only thing I ever update is eyeliner and mascara and even that's not but maybe once a year. I'm sure I am breaking some sort of rule somewhere, health code or something.

always love reading what you are up to nicole :)