Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kitchen Flub

So yesterday afternoon I decided to make bread.

I had a new cookbook from the Library, "More with Less" by Doris Longacre, and I wanted to try out a bread recipe. DH was having a down afternoon and fresh-baked bread always makes him happy.

I followed the recipe exactly. However, I should have gone with my gut feeling.

So what happened is that the recipe says it should make 2 loaves. When I looked at the my risen batter, it was HUGE. I filled those two tins to the brim. I should have gone with my gut and moved some dough into a third tin, but sometimes I get to be a stickler with recipes.

During baking, some did indeed spill over to the bottom of the oven and they are a beast to get out of the tin.

Quite tasty though!

I did cheer DH up, not so much with bread itself, but with my kitchen antics.

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