Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

We started off today with Mass at our Parish and helping to man a few tables encouraging parishioners to attend a Theology of the Body course and some upcoming Silent Retreats.

Came home to buttermilk pancakes and naptime. Hurray! We all needed naps.

Then a quick lunch and off to the nursery to pick out our plants for the "Mary Garden" we just planted. (Thanks Kimberly for the inspiration) We live in a Condominium and our home owners association isn't too keen on anything outside. We put together some containers that we can move easily in and out of our little porch via wagon. We have a pot of basil and a pot of parsley. I did them separately because previously my parsley attacked everything in the pot. Bad parsley. So two pots to eliminate that problem this time.

Then we have two 5 gallon buckets. One contains a cherry tomato and the other has three pepper plants: 2 green and 1 red. Both bell pepper.

In a few weeks my MIL is bringing up another tomato plant for us. I love tomatoes and would eat them all day if I could.

After we finished our garden we got some dinner and then set up some Skype time with my in-laws. Unfortunately it must have been a bit too much for Pearl. She was very cranky and bit me on the way to the bathtub. But now she's had her bath, prayers and nursies. However, I can still hear her chattering to her stuffed doggie. I'm hoping she gets some good sleep, so we get some good sleep tonight.

Check out some more reflections of Mother's Day by Melanie. She's put words to my thoughts today.

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