Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Back to Tennessee

We had a great time at DH's family reunion this past week in Gatlinburg, TN!

We started our trip staying with friends in Georgia overnight and were able to celebrate the Feast of the Two Hearts together. It was a lovely Feast Day, complete with the completion of our Novena, Sacred Heart Spritzers, a Sacred Heart Cheese Appetizer, and Pork Roast. We were all so tuckered out that we missed out on ice cream with strawberry hearts.

After our overnight in middle Georgia, we made the rest of the trip into Gatlinburg on Saturday. Word to the wise, if you are prone to motion sickness, come prepared. I should have gotten those wristbands because driving was no fun the entire week.

During our week stay, we visited with lots of family, saw the Ripley's Aquarium, trolleyed through the Smokey Mountain National Park, purchased local jams, ate at a wonderful Country restaurant, enjoyed the beautiful scenery, relished in Pearl playing with her cousins.

On our trip home, we stopped in Savannah, GA to visit another friend of ours. Her husband in currently deployed with the Army, and he had asked if his brother and DH would take his boat out for him while on tour. DH was happy to oblige:) The boys had great fun on the water and us girls got some sweet fellowship time.

Overall=a wonderful time!

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Warren&Cherise said...

Yay for good times!!!