Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sleep Issues

We're revisiting a "favorite" topic around our house: Sleep Issues!

Pearl is having an all out battle royale about not sleeping in her crib. We were doing so well with her going down so easy and only waking once in the night for a change. But this week is a complete regression.

I'm debating about starting to look for a toddler bed or twin to put closer to the floor for her. She will sleep in a big bed and is in love with having her own pillow.

So praying about how to move forward with this. I don't know if I'm ready to tackle to subject of getting her to stay in a regular bed. I like that she can't get out of her crib:) I was getting all psyched up to start potty training. Maybe I'll be doing two in one.


Kim said...

"I like that she can't get out of her crib:)"

Ahhh, but that may not last very long! My 16 month old niece can already Houdini out of her crib!

It definitely sounds Pearl is ready to graduate into the crib-less world of beds. :) When Elise's crib broke, we just took the mattress and put it on the floor. The entire room is babyproofed (and night-lighted) and we've had 0 problems with her. She does roll out of bed at times, but it's such a subtle distance from the floor to the mattress that it doesn't even bug her. Some nights she prefers the floor (silly goose).

Do you think she would stay (and be safe) in a twin bed with guardrails up?

Lucy said...

You can always just put the crib mattress on the floor. It is the same size as a toddler mattress. Then if it seems like it is going to work out you can get a twin or a toddler frame.

I wish Greta would have slept in a crib at some point because I do not enjoy the getting out of bed all the time, especially since she can now open doors. there is no where to get away!

Good luck!