Thursday, July 1, 2010

Around the House

In the midst of water leaks, floor damage, waiting for new floors and cabinets to be put in, house hunting, offer submittal, waiting to hear back, etc...I have realized that I was putting our lives on hold for the future.

The future when the floors and cabinets would be done, the future when we would be in a new house, the future when all would be right with the world: my world.

But I don't know when all of that will be said and done. We continue our waiting process on the offer we submitted; We haven't finished the renovation post water leak, and I don't know when everything will ever be "right" in my world.

So I am going to CHOOSE to live now and in the present in the circumstances the Lord has blessed me with. He is so good and gracious in His providence and care.

We are filling our days with Mass, prayer time, gardening, good food, lots of playtime at home and with friends, organizing creative spaces for little ones and big ones alike, helping with the Mommy's ministry at our Church (planning preschool playdates for the upcoming year), exercise, and late night talks after Pearl goes to bed.

It is a time of renewal, reconnecting, and praying for new life in all of us!

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Kim said...

YAY! Sounds like a good thing all around!