Friday, September 24, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Last night I made this beautiful pasta dish out of leftovers. So yummy!

2. Our tomato plant, "Goliath," has since passed on. I don't have a scale, but I would loved to have known just how much he produced this summer. I was giving away cherry tomatoes left and right, we had so many. Since we've cleared out his bucket, we re-planted for Fall an Early-Girl tomato plant in hopes to get some tomatoes before it gets to cold. I think we will as this morning we counted 3 yellow blossoms.

3. There is a princess tent in my living room right now. It is lovely and Pearl adores it. A neighbor was going to get rid of it and then asked if we'd like it. Yes please!

4. This weekend we'll be busy with a friend's wedding and sound ministry at Church. I'm not sure what to wear to the wedding. Debating the sandal issue. I think it's totally fine here in Florida to wear them for awhile, but I just really crave Fall weather. I'm leaning toward a more Fallish combination of purple dress, grey vesty-thing (?), and silver shoes with my Pearl earrings. Would that work?

5. Our rental property needs new kitchen countertops and Wednesday night we went to look at some options. It has been fun comparing the different colors:)

6. I've come across several design blogs that focus on home decor. They are simply lovely and it reinforces the knowledge how much a visual person I am. I like things to look pretty. This mixes with my very utilitarian and practical nature, and you'll find things in my home that are all very multi-purpose but still ascetically pleasing.

7. I need some new music on my ipod. I finally got it figured out and my other music transferred, but I need to organize it better or put in a few new selections. Some new and fun music for me to work out to and some fun children's albums for Pearl and I. Any suggestions?

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Lucy said...

We love they might be giants children's albums. Also I recently discovered Elizabeth Mitchell, which we are really enjoying. It is definitely more mellow, but I like it :)