Thursday, September 9, 2010

A spur of the moment day

I was planning on a few other things today, but Pearl and I ended up at the Dr. due to coughing that was taking her breath away. The coughing started a few days ago, but definitely got worse last night.

Dr. doesn't hear any infection and suspects that DH and my allergies have been passed on to Pearl. She might have a touch of asthma (thanks DH), so we've got some treatment to help in the immediate and will need to get her allergy tested soon so we can stay ahead of her triggers.

She doesn't seem to mind the coughing too much except when it keeps her from sleeping. But when she can't catch her breath, my heart stops. Then she smiles and takes a sip of water. She's a tough cookie.


antonia said...

gosh I can imagine that is scary for you.

Just one piece of advice that we always had drilled into us in medical school about asthma...never underestimate it. I hope she grows out of it and you manage to find the triggers.

God bless

Kim said...