Sunday, September 12, 2010

We've been slimed

Maybe those "allergies/asthma" wasn't what we thought after all?

Maybe I went to the Dr. a day too early?

Because this morning when we all got up, my throat had the scratchies and my ears were all clogged. DH says he feels achy all over and started finding "things" when using his Neti pot. (He wanted to show me, but I passed)

Pearl is coughing phlegm and is sliming us with green goo.

We've all stayed home today and I'm pushing fluids, chicken noodle soup with garlic, Neti pot rinses, cough drops, lots of tissues, football (for all of us), musicals (for Pearl and I), playtime on the bed, nebulizer treatment for Pearl, and some spicy food for dinner to keep that slime moving out.

I do think Pearl will need to get allergy tested soon since both DH and I suffer from year-round allergies, but I'm glad it might not be what was originally thought.

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