Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Fish Principle

Thinking about Thanksgiving.

A multitude of thoughts all rumbling together, sometimes they hit each other and become one, sometimes they graze past and float away.

In the midst of difficult times...uncertain times...challenging times, I took myself to the chapel where DH proposed to me.

Where I spent countless hours praying in the quiet throughout High School and while on break through college.

Where I want to go to praise and to ponder.


My home because my heart is there. My Jesus waits for me in the monstrance to gaze at me while I gaze at him.

I took Pearl and we stepped in for just a moments. For her to genuflect and blow Him a kiss. For me to kneel and love, to write Teresa's name in the book of the dead, to ask others to pray for our family.

Today, the day before we celebrate a day of gratitude, I'm counting fish.

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Warren&Cherise said...

Wow. That is profound. You are a holy soul, dear friend.

This past week I was looking through old prayer cards and found one that I picked up at the adoration chapel when I went home with you for Easter many years ago. I looked at the image of Christ, thought of you and how much I love your family and prayed the prayer for you. It's not much, I know, but sent with great love. Praying again now for many blessings-- especially the warmth of His heart smiling on yours.