Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A beauteous birthday

Today is my "one hundred and eleventieth birthday!"

Actually it's my ______.

I got several surprises today.  The first was actually last night when DH brought home roses in our wedding color, that lovely yellow rose with pink and orange mixed in.  Today he also helped make breakfast so I could get a shower in.  This is rare as of late.  Normally I'm pushed back to the evenings when he can help with Pearl, but they made omelets together to allow me that time.

We also had some library storytime, a visit by Pearl's Godfather, and some afternoon playtime with dear friends.  DH also took us to dinner at Chili's.  I love me some quacamole, so anyplace that serves it is okay by me.  We had gotten a gift card and decided to use it today for my birthday treat.

So despite a rather dreary day outside, everywhere I was was filled with sunshine:)


Kim said...

Happy (belated) birthday!! :D

Warren&Cherise said...

You were lovingly remembered with acts of kindness on your birthday per inspiration of the great post you put up months ago. I've been saving a stash in the closet with items to give to local charity to honor your birthday! Yay! Prayers are lifted in praise to our Lord for the gift of you to the world!!! May He bless you abundantly in this coming year and always.

Lucy said...

Happy belated birthday. Hope your year is absolutely wonderful.

antonia said...

Happy birthday!