Friday, January 7, 2011

The Sneaky Chef

DH is not a fan of foods when he doesn't know all the ingredients I put in.  We had leftovers from last night's chicken quesadilla's that I thought would make great additions for today's chicken fried rice for lunch.

I pulled out diced chicken, green bell peppers, onions from the leftover containers.  Then I found snap peas in the freezer. Excellent.  2 carrotts, okey dokey.  A zucchini. perfect. Celery. nice and crisp. Turnip greens. why not.

Yup, those greens threw DH for a loop.  I thought it provided nice contrast and a great way to get some extra dark greens into our diet. 

Yeah, DH and Pearl didn't really go for it.  You couldn't stop Pearl from devouring her rice, carrotts, and snap peas.  She even ate a few onions that she didn't see:)  But the greens?  They were politely pushed aside in search of the "good stuff."

Oh those two...cut from the same cloth.

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antonia said...

hehe! Joseph refuses to eat onion too. He picks out the teeny tiny little bits of onion from every meal! I dont know how he spots them!