Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some Thursday Randomness

1. Severe thunderstorms yesterday afternoon and rain all day today.  I'm getting a lot tidied up during the rain.  My latest project was to work on the kitchen cabinets and shelves.  Basically I want everything within reach so when my belly is big I can still reach stuff.  So some "nesting" tasks now when I can still do them.

2.  I think Pearl is outgrowing her wheat allergy.  She still gets a few spots on her elbows and behind her knees when she over does it, but I haven't had to use her eczema cream in weeks.  She used to refuse any form of bread, but she has been asking for bread lately.  This afternoon when she woke up from her nap she asked for "bed with berries, no p-nut bubber." (ie: bread with strawberry jam)

3.  Dr. has taken me completely off any progesterone support.  He thinks my body is holding it's own.  Numbers still aren't in the great range, but okay.  I'm a little nervous about him taking me off everything, but trusting in Him.

4.  We will be 15 weeks this weekend; still dealing with morning sickness off and on.  Lots of gagging....bleh.  But I must say it is comforting too.

5.  I am looking forward to feeling flutters and kicks; I know it will be a great relief and joy to feel this little one move.

6.  In the gross spectrum: this morning Pearl and I went across the street to the grocery store to pick up a few items needed for DH's men's group meal this evening.  I stopped at the customer service desk on the way out and asked how often/if they spray down the children's carts.  Gentleman said their policy is to do it every evening after close.  Well, then I pointed at two dried up oranges on the bottom of the cart and explained that those were fresh on Monday when I did our regular shopping....ewww!!  I don't expect stores to disinfect the carts since they provide disinfectant wipes, but please could they spray them off with a hose a few times a week?

7.  Because of the rainy day, I made cups of tea for Pearl and I.  (She loves her own cup of "hot" tea)  I happen to think Pride and Prejudice is the perfect movie for such a day.  Pearl begs to differ.  She prefers Cheaper by the Dozen (old version):)

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