Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Deal of the Day

Pearl and I stopped at the Goodwill on our way home from Mass this morning mainly to look for skirts for her and me.  However, I couldn't pass up these pants.

First of all, I've been keeping my eyes out for lightweight pants to wear this summer for those days when it is super hot but I'd still prefer pants.  Basically a maternity linen pant.  The closest I've found on the retail racks run about $34.  Not quite in my budget.

So when I saw these I was happy as a lark.  These are "Motherhood" brand, linen, and just light and breezy.  Because I got them at Goodwill, they were priced at $2.60.  However, they were the color of the day for tags, so half off. 

Yes, these pants were purchased for $1.30.  Wahoo!


Kim said...

SCOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!! That is AWESOME! Our local Goodwill's prices are so high, it's actually cheaper to go to Ross across the street. :S

Audrey said...


antonia said...

great deal!

I am always looking for 2nd-hand maternity stuff; it's not easy to come across!