Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Picture Post

Our date night to see the Penguins play.  They won that night (hurray!), but sadly lost the series.

Clearly DH doesn't need a sign to remind him.

Last week we traded in our timeshare for one in Pompano Beach

We enjoyed being close to the beach and playing in the sand.
Making footprint hearts
putting the sand back into the ocean
baby belly at 19 1/2 weeks
smiling, but thinking I'm a lot bigger with this princess than I was with Pearl at this week-mark.

obligatory shot with ocean behind us

found a park nearby the lighthouse

We also had the pleasure of Pearl's godfather coming down from Seminary to have dinner and playtime afterwards.

All in all a great week!  Glad the midterm is over; should be 1-2 weeks before I get results.  Now back to lecture mp3s and writing assignment.  Goal is to finish the class before princess's due date:)


Kim said...

YAY! I love all these pictures! Your baby bump is too precious. And Pearl is so big, although I'm sure you get that all the time. :)

Prayers for your schooling, and for little princess.

antonia said...

lovely to see you looking so happy!