Thursday, May 26, 2011


The Women's retreat this past weekend was really wonderful.  DH took Pearl to his parents house and dropped me off on the way. 

The theme was, "Behold I Make All Things New."  Primarily a silent retreat with talks by the Sisters of Life and our own retreat chaplain for Holy Mass, Confession, and spiritual direction.

I thought the Lord was going to take me in one direction and so I packed a few books focused on that topic, but isn't it funny how He always throws some curve balls?  So not quite what I expected, but soooo good.

I'm reflecting this week from my journal writings and seeing what is ruminating in my soul.  Lots to ponder and open myself to.

One thought right now stands out this evening: "God can't fill what hasn't been made empty for Him."


Jeni said...

you look glowing. what great pics.

domenicoandsonia said...

So glad you got to go to the retreat and spend time with your best friend, Sr. Giovanna. :) Looking forward to hearing all about it. God Bless!