Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cleaning Urges

No, I'm not nesting yet.

We have a bug problem...eww.

This past week, DH and I started seeing little sugar ants in random spots.  We've also found teeny tiny moths and a roach.  We have had the same pest control company for years and never have had any problems.  Surprising, since we live in Florida.

However, I called today and they are sending someone out tomorrow to take a look around.  I have spent the morning moving furniture (with DH's help), scrubbing counters, vacuuming under all the furniture and floors, mopping, and general tidying. 

After lunch, Pearl is down for her nap and I was trying to rest and take it easy.  However, the princess is kicking up a storm in there so hard to really rest.  This afternoon, I'll tackle the bathrooms and have DH vacuum behind the TV. 

Still not sure what's up, but I'll have more peace of mind knowing I scrubbed the house clean.

Good timing too since Nana is coming to visit tomorrow:)

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Catholic Mommy Brain said...

Sigh. We have ants too.... Nice to e-meet you! Will pray for your pregnancy and delivery!